"Ballad of the 'Not Guilty',"

Cruisin’ the Nile of Denial, by Eben


Hey, man, * listen to your homey friend!

Two strikes land you in the pen?

Connect with some dirty laundry

show, tell the world all you know

about the victim’s life you’ve led,

and blame it on your Mom and Dad.

“It’s their fault, not mine,” you state.

“Their abuse made me irate.”

Because of it you offed old Dad,

then cried to jury you’d been had.

You made double sure with butcher knife

your mother paid for giving life.


Not me, not me, O Lord,

standing in the need of prayer!

Not me, not me, O Lord,

my friends can vouch I wasn’t there!

It’s my mother, it’s my father,

but not me, O Lord,

standing in the need of prayer!

It’s my brother, it’s my sister,

but not me, O Lord, the DNA’s wrong,

someone planted that hair!


This cavalcade goes on and on,

how denial puts pro in con;

O.J. Simpson comes to trial,

as crack lawyers break out their file.

But papers and the network news

vie to air your wife’s abuse.

By the time they’re through with it,

the judge and jury need not sit.

The victim is made to look culprit,

while you go autograph your hit.**

No wonder that youth are


to see each moral thus defused;

they’ve watched the details of the kill,

and the glove your hand can’t fill;

yet odds are numbered as the stars

that DNA is matched with yours.

So why not go and do the same,

if all it gets you is more fame?


“Not Guilty” is the way to go,

it pays quite well, as we all know.

Conniving lawyers and news crew

stand to benefit from you.

They need time to stretch your case

until a beard covers your face.

Years from now, it’s still maybe

whether you’ll get death penalty.

Work your way down each death row,

and you will find that this is so.



Dungeons, Dragons, is a game,

for teenagers it can derrange.

No moral training, no Bible too,

no wonder that these hell-hounds grew.

TV, Tinsel Town are the schools,

with Gangsta Rap they turn out ghouls.

Violence and sex, they’re fed,

Not surprising they’re Zim-led.***

“Zim” is god of pagan culture,

America’s deity of murder.



Repentance is a Gift made free;

No tiger finds it naturally.

Those God touched will change inside,

the others won’t, each heart: thick hide.

A thief, cross-timbered on Christ’s right,

turned to plead against his night.@

“Remember me,” he gasped, then sank,

his body oozing down his plank.

“In Paradise, we soon will meet,”

said He of wounded hands and feet.

But on the other side of Him

the first thief jeered though eyes grew dim;

“Save yourself and us,” he cried,

if you’re really bonafide!”

How different in mind and heart,

these two thieves who played a part

in Christ’s last ministry on earth,

the same that won us Second Birth.

Deny, and you have hell to pay,

but confess and take Christ’s Way--

Heaven’s door will open wide;

Pardoned, you will walk inside!


It’s me, it’s me, O Lord,

standing in the need of prayer!

It’s me, yes, me, O Lord,

standing in the need of prayer!

Not my father, or my mother,

but it’s me, O Lord,

standing in the need of prayer!

Not my brother, or my sister,

but it’s me, O Lord,

standing in the need of prayer!#

*the Fernandez brothers' double homicide case in California

**a video and book put out during the first trial of double homicide suspect O.J. Simpson

@ Luke 23: 39-43

# Refrain is paraphrase an old Negro spiritual

These lyrics dedicated to the Washington State, Pierce Country Prosecutor, John Ladenberg, and Donnie Wayne Ivy--arraigned for stunning, choking, butchering, raping, and robbing Marion Matthews, University Place mother and grandmother. Ladenberg,citing the teenager’s tender age and no previous record is not seeking the death penalty. Ivy pled “Not Guilty.” According to his statement, Ivy said he prayed to ***Zim, a deity in the Dungeons and Dragons game before the crime.

Lyrics also dedicated to Alabama Judge Roy Moore, hounded for years by the ACLU for opening court sessions with prayer and for displaying the Ten Commandments, the basis of common law and the legal system. The ACLU has sued him, and Judge Moore will risk his job and all he has to keep prayer and the Ten Commandments, if it means fighting all the way to the Supreme Court.

Ps. 78:65 is a reminder to this exceptionally tacky, ultra-radical arm of the far left that a day of reckoning is soon coming:

“Then the Lord awoke as from sleep, like a mighty man who shouts because of wine, and He beat back His enemies in their hinder parts; He put them to a perpetual reproach.”

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